Precision CNC CMM Capability

Automated CNC CMM Measurements now possible with our large volume CNC DEA Global CMM.

From product validation on one off components to batch measurements and on-going product verification services, our CMM can handle a vast array of components in all shapes and sizes.

Our bespoke swift fix fixturing can cater for the majority of measurement set ups required.

With a measurement volume of :-

  • 1500mm X axis
  • 1000mm Y Axis
  • 800mm Z Axis

Fully motorised Tesa Probe head and automated probe changer.

Why not let us demonstrate how true measurement data helps reduce waste in your processes.

Optical CNC CMM Capability

Our optical CNC CMM can measure components within a working measurement volume of 300 x 200 x 150 mm XYZ measuring range with 150 mm Z axis.

Combined with a tactile Tesa probe system, this is the ideal solution for all smaller batch component measurements.

Ideal components suited are :-

  • Small Gears
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Small Pressings
  • Bearings
  • Small stamped pressings

All reports can be completed to 3D CAD where model supplied or reported in standard text format for easy quick analysis.

3D Portable Probing / Laser Scanning System

Our portable Romer Scan Arm encompasses a changeable hard probing system alongside a switchable Non-Contact Laser scanner to enable quick generation of measurement results as-well as rapid generation of point-cloud surfaces for mesh / CAD generation.

This system can be used within our facility covering components of various sizes, and has a standard measurement volume of 2.5 meters radially which can be extended dependent on the component / assembly tolerances and feature access.

Quick colour mapping of components demonstration immediate deviations when compared to a nominal CAD model are able to be created.

On-site measurement is also available with this equipment as being portable, we can bring this measurement device to your facility / factory and measure components contained within tooling / fixturing ensuring manufacturing datum strategies are not lost prior to measurement.

All reports can be completed to 3D CAD where model supplied or reported in standard text format for easy quick analysis.


Utilising a combination of our precision measurement equipment shown above, we also offer measurements utilising traditional hand gauges such as verniers, gauge blocks, height gauges etc.

All equipment is calibrated to international traceable standards for which certificates can be provided upon request.

We can accomondate all measurement report formats including utilising client sown reports where necessary.

We also provide services such as gauge capability / MSA / machine repeatability for customers whereby a client has a specific need to demonstrate MSA for PPAP purpouses but do not necessarily have the time to do so.

We can also support onsite from CMM operator to onsite inspector dependant on requirements. An initial consultation will be required to fully underdstand client needs prior to providing onsite support to ensure we can provide you with the best support available.

We also partners with many 3rd party support agencies who can also provide rapid onsite containment support when required.