Operational excellence is the key to survive in todays competitive manufacturing market which is why it is important that all of your business processes are functioning efficiently and effectively.​

​A-Met Metrology Limited have now established a strategic partnership with ADC Engineering Solutions Limited which will provide over 40 years experience within the high , medium and low volume manufacturing sector in Quality Management and Lean Manufacturing training and consultancy.​

​Through a series of onsite evaluations, we can identify any potential business improvement opportunities necessary to help your business grow and exceed both internal and customer expectations.​

​We have covered a wide range of industries with a proven track record in :-​

  • ​High Volume JIT Manufacturing​
  • Medium Volume Production​
  • Automotive​
  • Aerospace​
  • Defence​
  • Marine
  • Nuclear (Civil / Marine)​
  • Off-Highway Applications ​

​We can offer practical training covering both process problem solving and lean manufacturing techniques both on and off-site with a class size of 10 to allow for candidates to work together to identify and solve the challenges which we will present. ​

​Candidates will learn how to analyse a process from start to finish and make the necessary changes required to improve the process. ​

​Changes can then be monitored and the improvement can be demonstrated by KPI metrics which will be used throughout the course.​

​The candidates will be able to apply and transfer the knowledge they have learnt during the course with standardised Lean tools used within industry and make incremental improvements within their field of work (no matter how small) as an individual or part of a business wide team to drive improvement within the organisation.​

​Each candidate will have the opportunity to:





Lean Manufacturing Consultancy
Lean Manufacturing

Helping You Build a Bridge to Success

This process will provide candidates with the true values of a lean champion and in turn will provide a high level of confidence and additional value within an organisation as improvements are implemented.​

​Additional Benefits of implementing a Lean management system within your business could include:

  • ​Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Waste Reduction​
  • Cost Reduction​
  • Quality Increase​
  • Better usage of Human Resources​
  • Cycle time reductions​
  • Capacity Increase​
  • Enhanced Job Satisfaction​
  • Profit (& Bonus) Increase​
  • Increased Stability​
  • Enhanced Reproducibility​
  • Total Quality Management​

​Whether you are looking to improve process cycle time, Right First Time Quality, increase throughput, smarter ways to utilise space or simply reduce costs then let us analyse your business and create a package to support you.

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