3D Portable Probing / Laser Scanning System

Our portable Romer RA 7325 SE encompasses a changeable hard probing system alongside an external High Performance laser line probe which allows for the quick generation of measurement data as-well as rapid generation of point-cloud surfaces for mesh / CAD generation.

This system can be used within our facility covering components of various sizes, with a measurement volume of 2.5 Meters radially; we can cover a range of applications form small to large components as the portability of a measurement arm allows to measurement volume to be easily extended with minimal deviations dependant on application.

Quick colour mapping of components is possible to demonstrate immediate deviations when compared back to CAD.

On-site measurement is also available as due to its portability, we can bring this measurement device to your facility and measure components contained within tooling / fixturing to allow for quick measurements without the logistical need to constantly move components between facilities. This methodology also ensures that manufacturing datum strategies are not lost prior to measurement as parts can be measured in situ.

All reports can be completed to 3D CAD where model supplied or reported in standard text format for easy quick analysis.

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