We all know that not all processes are perfect and that mistakes can happen!

We also know from experience that those mistakes can result in defective product sent to the end customer.

A-Met Metrology Ltd have many years’ experience in containment and problem resolution which has resulted in the ability to offer a unique and bespoke service to our clients in this field.

Our strategic partnership with In-Spec Quality Assurance Ltd who are ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Accredited has developed into a very strong foundation for both parties to be able to provide a total process solution to our clients.

We are able to manage the containment of the suspect product at your facility or your customers facility as-well as liaise with the supplier directly to assist in problem resolution and practical problem solving, usually the G8D methodology process.

We are able to offer the following services:


Containment activities ensure that adequate controls are in place to prevent any suspect product reaching the customers final point of use which would subsequently cause unnecessary delays in production.

Should suspect components be identified and require inspection, either by traditional visual inspection or in-depth batch measurement using Automated inspection process, we can provide this solution and manage the action from start to finish.

All Inspected sorted product, is clearly identified for return to customer if product is found to be conforming or segregated into a quarantine area if found non-conforming which is created for each specific task and ensures swift reporting of defect analysis back to customer to allow fast actions to prevent further possible escapes at the supplier’s facility.

Inspection and Reworking

Occasionally, components may require some form of rework action prior to use within their final desired assembly / fitment.

We can provide this rework action via the implementation of a fully documented rework process with trained inspection operatives to ensure a fully controlled environment encompassing inspection, rework and re-packaging in-line with customer specific requirement either on or off-site to ensure that all suspected product has been accurately inspected and reworked as necessary before reaching the final customer.

End of Line checks and Firewall activities

End of line inspection / Firewalls provide an inspection methodology of no faults forward and provide the last Q-Gate before product leaves the manufacturing facility. From a full team of skilled inspectors and supervisors to supporting with a single inspector, we are able to provide these End of line and Firewall activities within your plant or customers plant which encompass a fully controlled , documented inspection routine which will gather performance information to feedback issues identified internally as-well as protect your business form defect product reaching the customer.

Engineering and Client representation

We are able to provide this service to allow our clients to concentrate on critical processes.

We provide commitment and responsibility relief on their behalves, which can include: Resident Engineering, QC Response, Initial Root Cause Analysis, Containment Initiation and Management, 8d Support and Project Development.

Our knowledge and expertise enables us to carry out positive prototyping, pre-production, new product launches, any long, or short, run projects.

This allows the client to concentrate on alternative matters with the confidence that we are providing the controlled solution they require.

If you are looking for containment support then call 01432 342103 to discuss your requirements.