About Us

Our founder, Andrew Yeomans, has been in the manufacturing industry for 20 years, covering many manufacturing sectors from small component manufacturing to full vehicle production, working with many OEM manufacturers of precision components and assemblies.

A-Met Metrology Limited was established to provide a Quality Management and Metrology provision where businesses can benefit from the many years of expertise in manufacturing and product design.

Quality Statement

A-Met Metrology Limited have been providing high quality sub-contract inspection services since our arrival in Hereford in 2013, providing both on and off-site Metrology activities and equipment sales to many manufacturing and engineering businesses throughout the United Kingdom.

We take Quality seriously at A-Met Metrology Limited which is why we have adopted the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard into our daily operation processes and procedures.

We have established a trustworthy reputation with many high volume OEM manufacturers who we support due to our expertise in the field and understanding of the customers needs and aspirations which we demonstrate throughout our workflow.

As an accredited ISO 9001 Sub-Contract Measurement provider, we ensure that all measurements provided are fully traceable back to the origin of the equipment calibration / verification.

We understand that confidentiality is key to ensure our customers remain competitive. We are only too happy to sign into Non-Disclosure Agreements with our clients to affirm our reputation for Trust and reliability.

We also work with several trusted UK Based Metrology Associates, whom we have established strong reliable relationships with, to ensure that we can find the right solution for our clients. This means that we are continually up to date with the latest advanced in Metrology Technology and we remain our customers first choice.