Power-Inspect offers a Multi-device 3D inspection software suitable for multiple applications such as CMM and portable measurement arms for tactile and non-contact measurements.

Power-Inspect can be used to measure and analyse complex geometries to CAD and can develop intuitive routines to allow graphical reports to be created for the end user to fully interpret.

Benefits of Powerinspect are:

  • Automated inspection
  • Manual inspection
  • Non-contact inspection
  • Multi-device
  • Graphical programming
  • Embedded strategies
  • Point cloud programming
  • Inspection without CAD
  • Mirror wizard
  • Complex shape inspection
  • Adaptive fixturing
  • Measure a single point from a point cloud
  • 2D features from point clouds
  • Manufacturing integration
  • Guided measurement
  • Alignments and best-fit strategies
  • Use inspection points from CAD models
  • CAD file manager

Power-Inspect is trusted by businesses worldwide to complement their metrology inspection solutions.