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PC-DMIS Portable features a quick start GUI that makes it easy for non-CMM experts to get the most from their equipment. It easily measures complex, contoured parts since its roots are in the automotive and aerospace industries. Its suite of algorithms aides in aligning complex parts using best-fit and iterative techniques. Its CAD++ option includes an unmatched library of sheetmetal measurement routines.A wide range of scanning techniques and devices are supported, using both predefined and free form scans, ranging from simple hard probes to sophisticated laser scanners. PC-DMIS Portable also lets you measure in any order without having to worry about the part program. This eliminates unnecessary movement and wasted efforts. The software keeps track of what has been measured and what hasn’t and it only evaluates features and dimensions when all of the information is available.


• Capability of measurement systems

• Uncertainty of measurement

• Cg, Cgk, %GRR

• VDA 5 / GUM


The evaluation of machines, production facilities and current manufacturing processes is based on the
statistical analysis of characteristic values. Processes measuring predefined characteristics provide these values. In order to avoid misinterpretations, the recorded measured values have to be reliable and
reflect the real conditions, i.e. measurement processes have to be capable of performing the task requested in the respective situation. solara.MP® is the perfect choice to establish measurement process capability in accordance with to MSA and VDA 5 and to calculate the expanded measurement uncertainty based on GUM.


• Automated transfer of measurement data

• Statistical process control (SPC)

• Real-time visualisation

• Alarm control

• Interfaces

O-QIS® offers a rich set of features providing support for operators performing their tasks in quality assessment. The software covers traditional statistical process control (SPC), online alarm monitoring, alert functions and online visualisation. Users can even adjust the software to their individual requirements. The software transfers the data collected by the measurement system in AQDEF® format. This format is specified for the standardised exchange of data between measuring equipment and Q-DAS® software products.

Measurement data provided in other formats can be integrated based on possible converter functionalities.

QDAS SPC Software


• Standard interface for data exchange: no additional costs and safe transfer of data

• Equipment qualifi cation: verifi ed acceptance methods provide reliable results

• Real-time SPC: alert function reduces number of rejected parts

• Process qualification: transparent production processes

• Integrated standards and guidelines: fulfil the requirements of your customers and auditors

• More than 8,000 customers and 200,000 users around the globe: be a part of our success story

Statistical analyses are crucial to qualify industrial production and its equipment.

Software from Q-DAS is a reasonable extension for SPC analysis of measurement data that you gain from any measurement equipment.

Tube measurement, gauging and production with the ROMER Absolute Arm
The Hexagon Metrology Tube Inspection System is a certified portable measuring solution designed to facilitate faster quality checks for tubes and tube assemblies – essential components for manufacturers in every industry segment.

Available as a turnkey hardware and software package, or as an upgrade to existing portable measuring arm units, the system uses the powerful ROMER Absolute Arm portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) alongside specially designed non-contact tube probes and the state-of-the-art TubeShaper software to accelerate the measurement and inspection process, with the absolute minimum of intervention.


• Automated evaluations

• Machine acceptance

• Process capability

• Distributions

• Statistics

qs-STAT® is a software package designed to statistically evaluate production-relevant quality information and to assess processes and systems. Significant and well-established statistical evaluations form the basis for the assessment and continuous improvement of processes in industrial production. Furthermore, the standards and guidelines (e.g. Robert Bosch, Ford,GM, Mercedes Benz Car, Volkswagen) included in the software provide necessary orientation. The software illustrates the calculated statistics in appealing charts,helping users to quickly identify critical processes. Since the program is available in many different languages, users are able to communicate results in the language required.

Measurement / spc Software

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Software Available For Purchase / Use on Romer Measurement Arms

PowerINSPECT can be used on a wide variety of inspection equipment - portable devices, manual and CNC CMMs, and machine tools.PowerINSPECT provides a single software solution for a wide range of inspection equipment, reducing training costs and boosting flexibility.Inspection sequences can be transferred between different inspection devices, minimising inspection bottlenecks.

AUTODESK Powerinspect

Pc-Dmis Touch / CAD ++