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Portable Measurement Arm System Sales

Co-Ordinate Measurement Machine Sales

A CMM Machine Enclosure is an inexpensive option for CMM’s whilst located on the shop floor. It helps protect the CMM from dirt, dust and other shop floor contaminates in what can be a difficult for any measuring system whilst located in the heart of the production environment.

Utilising only selected distributors of Enclosures, A-Met Metrology can arrange for a site visit to understand your enclosure needs. Whether it be a full CMM enclosure or a bespoke measurement system enclosure, we use a selected specialist installer who can provide an enclosure system to suit.

With the option of air conditioning it can allow the CMM to operate a it’s optimum temperature thus ensuring shop floor temperature gradients are eliminated.

The Enclosure is manufactured from aluminium extrusion made to form a lightweight, rigid construction. Side panels are made from clear or coloured plastic materials.

All CMM Machine Enclosures are custom built to individual customer size and design with full installation by a carefully selected installation team.

Demonstrations are available on all of the equipment displayed.

Please call us or use the contact me page to send us a request to contact you.

If there is any system you have in mind that you have not seen on our page then please get in touch as we will be more than pleased to discuss your requirements and assist you in developing a partnership between us to ensure you have a metrology solution to suit.

full shop floor structures

Shop-floor gauging Enclosure

Do you have a requirement to accurately measure components from one off measurements to multiple batch measurements and require an automated solution to do so ?

Have you considered the use of an automated CMM machine which will allow precise positioning of components within its measurement volume and also allow for multiple parts to be measured to individual features or directly relating back to the original CAD model. Measurement reports can be customised to allow the final user to fully interpret the results with ease.

We can arrange for you to view a measurement system in place and with a wide range of measurement methods, from touch probing, scanning probing, optical and laser scanning systems, we can create a quotation based upon your individual needs.

Call us to arrange a demonstration. With access to several facilities in the UK, there will be a system near you.

Tube measurement, gauging and production with the ROMER Absolute Arm
The Hexagon Metrology Tube Inspection System is a certified portable measuring solution designed to facilitate faster quality checks for tubes and tube assemblies – essential components for manufacturers in every industry segment.

Available as a turnkey hardware and software package, or as an upgrade to existing portable measuring arm units, the system uses the powerful ROMER Absolute Arm portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) alongside specially designed non-contact tube probes and the state-of-the-art TubeShaper software to accelerate the measurement and inspection process, with the absolute minimum of intervention.

Plug-and-play hardware
The easy-to-use ROMER Absolute Arm requires no warmup or encoder referencing. Just plug it in and you’re ready to go.

Adaptable to the part
With ROMER Absolute Arm sizes ranging from 1.2 m to 4.5 m, two dedicated ‘T’ models for specific tube application and six tube probe options covering tube diameters from 4 mm to 130 mm to choose from, it’s easy to select the right size Tube Inspection System for your workpieces

A-Met Metrology is pleased to be able to offer a unique all round service in supporting customers in selecting the best measurement equipment available for specific applications.

Whether you are looking to fit out a measurement lab or simply automate a measurement solution, using a wide network of distributors and professional service providers, we can often secure great deals on new and second user Measurement Solutions.

From a simple plug gauge to full in-process automation, we will visit you to understand you requirements and tailor a package to suit.

Having a unique relationship with several key OEM Metrology Equipment manufacturers, in the UK, we are able to offer the following systems to suit your needs at very competitive prices.

Let us know your current best price quotation and let us see how we can match or better the quotation to give you more value for your money.

CMM Enclosure

Space an issue within your facility but have a requirement to measure components with a portable piece of Metrology equipment ? Why not consider the use of a portable measurement arm such as the Romer portable arm series from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence ?

Portable arm systems can be mounted on tripods, on magnetic bases and on fixed baseplates to allow the measurement of components in the most difficult of systems.

Portable arm systems are available in many different sizes and configurations, from standard probe systems, touch trigger probe systems, intergrated laser scanning systems and enhanced external scanning systems, see some of our product videos below. We are able to offer all of these systems at prices set to blow the competition away !

Systems can be used with basic 2D measurement software, however the enhanced 3D inspection software available for the portable arm series demonstrates a key milestone in industrial metrology with full 3D colour map creations comparing scanned data to CAD nominal.

High gloss surfaces are no issue for the latest generation of scanner system due to the enhanced system feedback contained with the latest RS3 and HPL laser scanning heads.

Received a quotation for a similar system already ? No problem, give us a call and we will arrange an on-site demo and bespoke quotation with the aim of providing you a more affordable solution that exceeds your expectations.

We can arrange for you to view a measurement system in place and with a wide range of measurement methods, from touch probing, scanning probing, optical and laser scanning systems, we can create a quotation based upon your individual needs.

Call us to arrange a demonstration. With access to several facilities in the UK, there will be a system near you.

Tube Measurement System Sales

Automatic and repeatable probe recognition
All measurement probes can be swapped within the same software session, with no need to recalibrate between changes. Simply switch from tube probe to touch probe on the fly, according to what you need to measure next.

Ergonomic system design
Perfectly-weighted counterbalancing ensures that the ROMER Absolute Arm is a pleasure to use, even for an entire 8-hour shift. The lightweight Tube Inspection System can be moved around your facility in minutes, to where it’s needed most.

TubeShaper software
Featuring a totally original user interface, TubeShaper has two access levels for users of different profiles. The Engineering Interface allows full use of all TubeShaper functions, while the Shop-floor Interface is designed for high-speed measurement. Larger icons enable control through the ROMER Absolute Arm, accelerating use and reducing trips to the computer. 

Bending machine interface
Real-time direct interface to CNC tube benders enables correctional data to be calculated and applied within your production cycle, streamlining operations and almost completely eliminating scrap. Multiple bending machines can be supported by a single Tube Inspection System.

Measurement System ENCLOSURE Sales

Romer Probe Arm WIth External Scanner

Romer Probe Arm Tubeinspect System

Romer Probe Arm WIth Intergrated Scanner

Romer Probe Arm

Romer Portable Measurement Arm Product Videos

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